Zoo Me!




    Want to put your face on a bear?

    Always wondering what you would look if you were a lion?

    Or a Monkey? Or an Otter!

    Now see what you would look like with Zoo Me!

    Put your face on a Zoo animals body!

    Over 50 great old photos for you stick your face in!

    Then add awesome captions!

    Or fun goodies!

    and stick it all in a frame

    Then share via facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail, sms, etc.......

    Get it now!

    And if you like it please come back and give it a review.

    Includes these packs, hundreds of images!

    1. Zoo Pack!! 50 animal photos to stick your face in!

    2. Goodies pack! 216 images of fun stuff to stick to your picture!

    3. Caption tool! Write stuff on your pictures!

    4. Frames pack! Put your finished picture in one of over 40 great frames!

    Quick Instructions

    - Download it, then open it!

    - Click an old Picture

    - Then either take a photo or choose one from your photo album.

    - If you're using IOS 5 and above the app should find your face and place it in the hole.

    - Use Multi-touch to move and resize your photo until it's purr-fect!
    ( Click "Flip" if you wanna flip the pic )

    - Click "Color" to adjust the colors of your image to make it match the pic!

    - When your done click on the goodies tab to add fun stuff to your pic!

    - Then click frames to add a classic frame to your picture!

    - Or at any time click the share button in the bottom right and..

    - Then you can save it, put it on facebook, twitter, Instagram, photoapplink, or copy it to send your pic in an SMS!

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