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    Its a Known Fact that "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"

    Are You Having, Being and Doing the Same Old things and expecting Miracles to happen to Make you a Super Successfull Human Being? No, it doesn't happen that way! Even Luck Doesn't Favor the person who is not trying any thing new!

    So, this is very Clear Concept, But Why we still are always Stuck in the Comforts of Old things? Simple Reason, there is no Urgent Need or a Challenging situation to address.

    Let's not wait for Challenging Situation to Arise, Lets Proactively Create our Success. This is what all successful people have done and we can do it too.

    "anew app" is specifically designed to you help in discovering , creating and completing some new things so that we become a New Person and success will automatically follow.

    "anew app" features include
    1) Create a New thing(to Have, Be or Do) under 7 key categories
    2) View the Total and What's been Accomplished for each category.
    3) View the New Things under each Category
    4) Record Action on New Things Under each Category. It shows Done or Due for each item.
    5) Delete few New Things or Delete All if you need re-start.
    6) Share New Things using Email Facility. Emails can be edited before sending and hence can be sent in AirPlane Mode too and will be sent based on Internet Availability
    7) Tweet your Accomplished(Favorite) New Things. Let the world know!
    8) Set/Reset Reminders of Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly so that you can remain focused to accomplish the new Things you planned for yourself.