AVMOSYS Flight Crew




    AVMOSYS is a 21st Century software suite from ARGUS International that was designed specifically for business aviation professionals. AVMOSYS manages information and data that spans significantly beyond the flight schedule
    and helps you manage your flight operation business. AVMOSYS is the only suite of cloud-based tools that intuitively enhances the knowledge, communication, and coordination throughout your entire operation. The AVMOSYS iPad app provides the following functionality specifically for the Flight and Cabin Crew Members of firms utilizing ARGUS International’s AVMOSYS application:
    - Mobile access to an individuals Duty Day briefing
    - Ability to ‘Check-in’ for duty via the app
    - Ability to selectively ‘Acknowledge’ the scheduled Duty Start and Duty End times for each days schedule as well as each of the Activities assigned to the crewmember
    - Ability to submit Flight and Crew Log data back to AVMOSYS
    - Ability to view the general Maintenance status for each aircraft assigned to crewmember
    - Ability to submit of Delay details for each completed flight
    - Automatic update of briefing changes