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    16 Advanced Brainwave Programs in One App! Sharp Mind induces optimized mental states ideal for school, exam preparation, confidence, problem solving, memory, creativity, confidence and learning. Combine Binaural Tones with iTunes Music, Audiobooks, Spotify * Built-in iTunes Playlist Creator * 17 Soothing Ambient Backgrounds and 10 Gentle Alarm Sounds. * Universal App * iPhone and iPad UIs HD&SD

    BrainWave Sharp Mind is unlike any other brainwave entrainment application. Other brainwave and binaural beat applications use only a single brainwave frequency and carrier signal. The Sharp Mind Progressive Brainwave Entrainment algorithms use a series of brainwave programs, multiple frequencies and carrier waves to gently bring your brainwave frequencies to your desired state using a more natural and effective frequency progression.

    *** Advanced Features ***

    - Multiple Brainwave programs each specially designed to elevate you to a unique mental state.

    - Multiple ambient background sounds to choose from.

    - Adjustable Brainwave Intensity - The intensity of the brainwaves can be adjusted independently of the ambient background sound. This allows you to set the brainwave volume to your comfort level. The application will also save your preference for future use.

    - Adjustable ambient background volume.

    - Visual timer countdown indicator.

    - Automatic saving of preferred brainwave entrainment program and ambient background sounds.

    - Ability to create your own custom time option.

    *** Programs Included ***

    - Brain Energizer: Takes you through a series of brainwave programs and progressively elevates your level of alertness.

    - High Beta Concentration: Designed to put your mind into the ultimate state of focus and concentration. Ideal when you need to block out surrounding distractions and study.

    - Creative Brainstorming: A series of brainwave programs that elevates your mind to a state of open-mindedness and creativity. Perfect for when you're stuck on a problem or are having difficulty coming up with an idea. Sit back and plug into this program to completely open your mind.

    - Creative Problem Solving: The ultimate combination of focus and creativity achieved through a series of brainwave programs and frequency mixes.

    - Gamma Memory Boost: This program was designed to be used whenever you feel like taking a break and letting what you've just learned sink in. This will help you maximize memory recall.

    - Beta Confidence Boost: Designed to be taken before a test or presentation. The other programs help you prepare, solve problems, come up with ideas and remember what you've learned. This one gives you that final boost of confidence to help you bring it all together and perform at your best.

    Sharp Mind also includes:

    - Creative Thinking
    - Lateral Thinking
    - Convergent Thinking
    - Deductive Thinking
    - Centered Mind
    - Focus/Concentration
    - Gamma Creativity Boost
    - Evening Memory Boost
    - Full Beta Spectrum
    - Full Gamma Spectrum

    These programs are perfect when preparing for tests such as the SAT to maximize focus and memory retention. If you're preparing for a test or exam or working on a challenging project then Sharp Mind is the right app for you.

    Warning: These are powerful brainwave entrainment programs and should never be used while driving or operating machinery.

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