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    This is not an imitation of a limited stand alone electronic calculator of old. This is a calculator that exploits the power of the device it is running on. It works slightly differently, but it allows for more flexibility. As an example, JSCalculator evaluates what you type without the need of hitting "=" or an enter key. In this calculator, the "=" key is for assigning values to variables, not for telling it to execute a calculation!

    In JSCalculator, what you enter can be a standard calculation like "1+2", but it can also be much more!

    JSCalculator was developed by a physicist who needed to be able to enter a short formula on an iOS device, and have it evaluated for various values of some parameters. In addition to predefined functions and the ability to edit even longer or multi-step expressions, this calculator provides a set of the most used constants of nature (in SI units).

    Short list of the main features:

    - No enter key. No equal sign that must be pressed to execute a calculation.
    - What you write is evaluated as you type, and you immediately see the result.
    - Enter formulas, not just calculations.
    - Use multi-step formulas with intermediate (algebraic) variables.
    - Example of a multi-step formula: "p = sqr(a)+b;sin(p)/p"
    - Every formula you enter is stored, so that you can re-use it the next time you use the calculator. Cycle through all formulas with arrow buttons on the front screen or via standard lists.
    - Intelligent exponential/engineering notation for the calculated results (optional).
    - Several predefined mathematical functions.
    - Predefined constants of nature.
    - Ability to copy and paste. Ability to copy the result of calculations, or the values of one of the predefined constants of nature.
    - Numeric keys for typing numbers, predefined functions, or constants, but the standard keyboard will appear when the "T" button is pressed.

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