Mulch Pro Estimator

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    Our Mulch Pro Estimator has the ability to calculate the amount of mulch required for your project in cubic yards and / or by bags.

    This app will allow you to calculate an unlimited number of areas.

    Our app also allows for extra. This is an important feature. Mulch, is sold by volume and is calculated in a uncompacted loose form. When you use it on your project, you'll most certainly want to pack it down some. The ability to include extra is a useful estimating procedure. Our app explains how to use this feature clearly.

    Include tax and material rates for a complete estimate. Add client info and you can email result to your office for review or directly to client for approval.

    Why Did We Develop This App:

    Too many folks, have a difficult time remembering industry standard formulas and conversions when it comes time to calculate materials.

    Mistakes can be made when:

    1. Estimators forget to convert inches to feet when used in formulas. Imagine using 6" when the formula required you to convert the inch to feet first. You'd be way off on your estimate as the formula used 6" when in fact it should have been .5'

    2. Estimators forget the constant numbers used to convert cubic feet to cubic yards. Many times it's hard to remember do I use 9 as a constant (when converting area calculations) or 27 (when converting volume calculations). Sometimes it becomes even more confusing, if you don't actually need to perform a conversion but you do.

    3. Estimators forget to include a % of extra material to account for compaction factors or waste material. By not including the extra % required, you'll find yourself short of material on the job.

    Who Is This App For:

    Our Mulch Pro Estimator is a valuable tool for contractors, retailers, students and home owners alike. If you work with landscape materials you'll find that our app will aid you in calculating proper quantity takeoffs.

    You're task is to measure the required areas, our app will do the rest.

    Starting The App:

    When you first open the app, you will be presented with three important calculating options. Depending on the method of calculation you wish to use, our app will determine which calculator type will be called up for use.

    We designed our app to accommodate the different ways folks measure. Some like to measure an area by length & width, while others will have already determined the area and may not remember the actual length & width measurements.

    Methods Used To Determine Answers:

    All industry acceptable methods of determining answers, equations and quantity takeoffs are used in calculating proper answers.

    Our app is unique as we allow you to adjust certain formulas with custom data. Don't worry we only allow this when needed and indicate so, in the calculator interface.

    As an example, when you're trying to find out how much mulch you require, we allow you to select which way your going to purchase it. i.e. cubic yards or bags. As well, we allow you to input the depth of mulch, and the size of the bag!

    About The Developer:

    John Lein is a graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario from the Landscape Architecture Program and has been involved in landscape design and construction for over 30 years.

    John is currently also the coordinator of the Landscape Horticulture Program at St. Clair College of Applies Arts and Technology in Windsor, Ontario.

    John comes from a construction background and enjoys designing and building award winning landscape design projects in both residential and commercial applications.