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    Passveurd is a password manager that offers a secure and convenient solution to manage your passwords while removing the need for any synchronization.

    Passveurd uses the algorithm PBKDF2 ( to derive secures passwords based on the service name (an identifier of what you are generating the password for), password version number and a passphrase.

    The generated passwords are never stored by the app, instead they are regenerated when you need them. This means that there is no risk of someone getting your password even if they had access to your phone and it is not locked.

    Key Features :
    + Never worry about synchronization, there is no need for synchronization as your passwords are regenerated when needed.
    + If you don't happen to have your iPhone with you, you can easily regenerate your passwords using someone else's iPhone or any web browser on
    + No fear of your passwords being retrieved from your device if stolen or lost, they do not exist on the device or anywhere.
    + Password derivation using PBKDF2 with 10000 iterations.
    + Easily update passwords when expired by simply increasing the version number. No more scratching your head finding a new password.
    + Great look and feel.