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    App Summary
    PopPop Idea is an idea generator.
    When? Where? Who? What? and more!
    Create a variety of situations automatically with just a click of a button.
    The outrageous results will surprise you for sure.
    Customizable to turn it into your own PopPop Idea.

    In Japanese, Chinese, English, French, and Italian.

    Perfect for this kind of person:
    * Someone who is having trouble thinking of new ideas
    * Someone who wants a fresh, new idea
    * Someone who is trying to write a short story but can't come up with an idea
    * Someone who wants to draw something unique
    * Someone who is thinking about game planning
    * Someone who wants a new business idea

    Vocabulary random/combination display:
    There's lots of ways to come up with new ideas, but with PopPop Idea's random display/combination display of vocabulary, we support your new idea generation with just the touch of a button.
    Random display of words and combinations of words is a method which is convenient for idea generation, and is popularly used by famous authors, screenwriters, entrepreneurs, etc.

    Share/save feature:
    Your generated ideas can easily be shared or saved.
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Evernote
    - Mail

    Main features:
    * You can save hundreds of vocabulary words in one pack
    * You are able to add new packs
    * From the beginning, 5 packs (time, place, people, verbs, nouns) are included with a total of over 700 words
    * You can set packs from 1 to 5 according to your preference
    * Lock feature for generated keywords
    * Share/save feature for Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Mail

    Premium packs:
    You can purchase a premium pack for $0.99 USD if you would like more vocabulary for more new ideas. In the premium packs, there is a fantasy pack which displays a fantasy world-view, packs with world countries, city names, various animals, color names, etc. In total, there are 13 types of premium packs in order to further enrich your ideas.

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