POSTINO Mail Client For iPhone
    Postino is an iPhone, iPod Touch email client designed with passion for you, it’s fast and let you choose your own mood theme.

    So what’s the difference between the other email clients?
    Full Yahoo! and Gmail Support
    Don’t need to wait days until you use it only to realize this is not what you want it
    It lets you choose your own theme
    You can change the picture for your contacts with no effort

    Postino lets you choose your own theme (more to come soon) and make your iPhone email experience better.
    Postino is for iPhone – iPod touch users looking for the best way to see their emails and this is why we use it ourselves.

    It is simple, fast and secure using advanced encryption technologies (TLS, SSL). Send and receive mails via IMAP and SMTP from all of your Yahoo! or Gmail accounts. You can simply attach a photo or several pictures to any mail.

    Postino has a beautiful view to send a new email.
    It lets you have more than one Yahoo! or Gmail account.
    You can swipe any email and mark as favorite, view its attachments, respond, forward or delete the email just with a simple swipe of your finger.

    You can surf your emails nicely because Postino has a built in web browser which also let you see your attachments just the way you want.

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