Private Web Browser Free - Full screen stealth browser & incognito browsing

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    Private Web Browser Free - Full screen stealth browser & incognito browsing

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    Easy! Safe! Fast! Visit all your websites PRIVATELY in REAL FULL SCREEN, Maximize your PRIVATE BROWSING experience.

    - Total PRIVACY while browsing
    - Do Not Track Enabled (The First support DNT browser in the App Store!)
    - Intelligent URL Parser
    - Fast Web browser Engine
    - Pure High-quality Code Optimized User Interface
    - Automatic REAL FULL SCREEN (13% More Viewing Area)


    - Delete All records when you exit the app. And Even clear your clipboard. No one will know where you've been.

    Website Cookies, Browsing History, Search History, System Clipboard ALL will be cleared when you pressed home button.

    - Automatic Real Full Screen browsing

    Auto hiding of all navigation controls & Overlay controls to maximise screen display capabilities.

    - (DNT) Do Not Track Enabled. Requests a web application to disable their tracking of a user.

    DNT feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites.

    Test page:

    When the feature is enabled, browser will tell advertising networks and other websites and applications that you want to opt-out of tracking for purposes like behavioral advertising.

    - (IUP) Intelligent URL Parser (Open website by just input keyword)

    Finally you can forget to input www. & .com with our Intelligent URL Parser.

    You only need to input keywords, IUP based on it automatically go to parse out the domain name.

    For example:

    Just type 'aa' in address bar then go, browser will take you to American Airlines Website

    More like 'cnn' parsed to & 'paypal' parsed to

    And even if you input the wrong keywords, IUP can still takes you to the correct domain name:

    'pintest' <- wrong keyword but still parsed to

    If IUP really do not know what you input, it will go to search engine to search this keyword.

    IUP accuracy is over 96% from our test. Go find out more interesting by yourself. :)

    And of course you can still input regular URL like:

    - Portrait and Landscape mode support.

    - Locking & Unlocking Orientation at any time.

    - Long Press Orientation Lock Button automatically open

    avoid someone come to see what you are doing.

    - Easy use with familiar User Interface.

    - Hidden status bar but still display times.

    Uses every single pixel available to show websites in REAL FULL SCREEN!

    That's 13% more viewing area than standard Safari and some other Browsers!

    - Full-HD Video streaming

    - Up to 10x zooming factor (most other browsers only supports 3x and safari is 5x but we give you 10x maximize zooming!)

    - Overlay controls to maximise screen display capabilities.

    - Do not sending your input to any web services. (No suggest)

    - Do not save your personal info from any filled forms. (No Auto-Fill)

    - Pure Codes Optimized User Interface, No ANY Loaded Files, saves memory for browsing!

    No Splash Screen & No Button & Background Images (Excepted app icon, of course :)

    No Interface Builder & No other support files

    - High-quality code & Fast Web Browser Engine that leads to fastest possible page loading.

    Speed and Performance Optimization

    - High-quality code that uses tiny memory

    Ultra fast app startup and terminate

    - Optimized app size, Download in 2-3 seconds.

    We also have FREE full-featured Fast Web Browser, please search "fast web browser" in App Store.

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