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    SuperNote Notes Recorder+Photo

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    SuperNote Notes Recorder+Photo's review

    Published: 2015-03-24, by .

    Decent for note-taking, but ultimately nothing innovative or new

    • Quick, easy, efficient
    • Crashing
    • Four categories ineffective
    • Only 4 notes!

    "Take note"


    Sadly there’s nothing super about Super Notes. While more useful and feature-filled than Apple’s offering, there’s little to write home about here.


    You’ll be writing notes and memos in a snap, and adding audiovisuals in seconds.It’s a nice, efficient way to store info.


    Hif you refuse permission to the microphone or camera, the whole application crashes. While the four categories are useful, they all do the same thing. It would be nice if lecture mode automatically started recording audio, or the meeting mode switched your phone to silent. Worst of all, you can only write 4 notes for free.

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    by Molly

    Mar 24, 2015


    Auto-organized with color code / category

    Perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Debriefings, Brainstorming, Quick notes, To-Do Lists, Planning, and more.

    Awesome for Work, School and Daily Life.

    Type, record, or type while recording/playing, also add in photographs and capture everything. This is the quickest & most effective notes app available

    ========= APP DESCRIPTION =========

    Super Note helps you create notes very rapidly and make voice recordings during, as well as add photos. The notes are color coded so you can find them instantly and you can change the note color/category on the fly. You can also set future alert reminders on individual notes.

    Recordings & Photos are built into the note and can be made any time - you can take notes & photos while recording or while playing, and you can pause/resume to add new recording sections to an existing recording.

    You can also transfer your notes to other people or to your computer using email, WiFi, or dropbox.

    ========= APP FEATURES =========

    ---- TYPED NOTES ----
    ● Text notes with built in recordings & photos
    ● Color coded note templates
    ● Topic related note templates
    ● Copy / Paste / Spell Check / Languages, and everything else you'd expect from a great text editor
    ● Swipe left/right to switch to other notes

    ---- AUTO-ORGANIZED ----
    ● Sort by date, category, or alphabetically
    ● Rapid search with instant search results
    ● Change color / template on the fly

    ---- RECORDINGS ----
    ● High quality audio recordings
    ● Recording works also when device is locked
    ● Recordings are built into your typed notes
    ● Record & take notes at the same time!
    ● Pause and continue your recording session
    ● Playback recordings while typing

    ---- PHOTOS ----
    ● Add photos to your notes
    ● Capture from camera or choose from your library
    ● Photos are auto-attached to your typed notes
    ● Take photos while recording / typing

    ---- REMINDERS/ALERTS ----
    ● Set reminders on your notes
    ● Alerts pop up even if app is closed

    ---- SECURITY ----
    ● Passcode protected

    ---- SENDING & SHARING ----
    ● Download to computer through WiFi
    ● Export to Dropbox
    ● Send to yourself via email

    ---- iPhone, iPad, iPod ----
    ● Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad
    ● Tested & certified on all product models
    ● Built using Apple recommended methods

    ● Privacy Policy:

    Dear customers, we are here for you! Questions? Comments? Support? just drop us a mail to

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