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    Anti-Virus Detective is a malware handling decision tree, providing a process flow for dealing with malware that your Anti-Virus program might miss.

    The Anti-Virus Detective decision tree provides a step by step YES/NO process flow to walk the user through the process of identifying suspect malware. The Anti-Virus Detective decision tree begins the process with suggestions to first use simple downloadable tools by the major commercial Anti-Virus vendors. If the simple tools do not remove the suspect threat, the Anti-Virus Detective decision tree provides links to free resources online that perform binary and URL analysis to determine if the suspect files are exhibiting malicious behavior. These third-party tools and sites help in the escalation process when dealing with your Anti-Virus vendor.

    Benefits of Anti-Virus Detective:

    • Identify previously unknown threats by using third-party stand alone applications.
    • Identify previously unknown threats by using third-party web sites for URL reputation ranking.
    • Provides links to malware handling web sites that help provide evidence to submit to your AntiVirus vendor.
    • Provides useful links for malware sample submission sites for Symantec, McAfee, Trend, & Kaspersky (list to be updated).
    • Interface provides an email link option to forward link to customers or friends in need.
    • Interface provides a navigate to link option to quickly browse the information from the third-party vendor.
    • Provides URL links to many online resources for faster information acquisition.

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