Army Survival Study Guide




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    WHY A SURVIVAL STUDY GUIDE? Because the first time you need this app can't be the first time you use this app!

    Think about that for a moment. Can you count on having your mobile device in a real survival situation? Does it have a full battery charge? Was it damaged in an accident? Was it submerged in water? In a real survival situation you will be under tremendous stress. Is that really the time to use an app for the first time? This app is designed to help you become familiar with basic survival skills BEFORE you need to use them. It is the only survival app presented as a study guide. It contains 800 flashcard questions! You can track both your study and test progress at a mere glance.

    This app is perfect for studying survival "15 minutes at a time." You do not have to worry about keeping track of what you have or have not studied. The app tracks that for you.

    Sourced from US Army FM 3-05.70 (formerly FM 21-76), this app covers the following topics:

    1. Psychology of Survival
    2. Survival Planning & Kits
    3. Basic Survival Medicine
    4. Shelters
    5. Water Procurement
    6. Firecraft
    7. Food Procurement
    8. Survival Use of Plants
    9. Poisonous Plants
    10. Dangerous Animals
    11. Field Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment
    12. Desert Survival
    13. Tropical Survival
    14. Cold Weather Survival
    15. Sea Survival
    16. Expedient Water Crossings
    17. Field Expedient Direction Finding
    18. Signalling Techniques
    19. Camouflage
    20. Man-Made Hazards
    21. Survival Kits
    22. Edible & Medicinal Plants
    23. Poisonous Plants
    24. Dangerous Insects & Arachnids
    25. Venemous Snakes & Lizards
    26. Dangerous Fish & Mollusks
    27. Ropes and Knots
    28. Clouds

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