Gaugamela 331BC

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    Gaugamela 331BC

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    One of the most staggering displays of battle tactics and superb military training in the history of warfare, the battle of Gaugamela (331 BC) was Alexander the Great's decisive victory over the Persian King Darius.

    • Watch the detailed map animation, showing the formations, attacks and development of the battle.

    • Listen to the audio commentary and follow the full course of the assault.

    • Read the historical account of the background, the course of the action and the aftermath to Gaugamela.

    • View the gallery, featuring artworks and paintings, and study the locator map which shows you where the battle happened. A handy chart gives you a breakdown of the numbers of forces on each side.

    • Try out your knowledge with the battle quiz. Do you know how many chariots the Macedonians used in the battle? Or what happened to Darius's elephants? Or which side outnumbered the other?

    This is history at hand – one of the major events in world history on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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