Grammaticus gives you iOS-native versions of three of the most indispensable grammars for the study of Greek and Latin—Smyth's Greek Grammar, Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar, and Goodwin's Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb—and augments them with powerful tools for searching and navigation. With Grammaticus, you get the full texts of these three works, as they appear on the Perseus Project website, along with the following features:

    * Browse the table of contents for each work, or enter any section's number to jump to it instantly—no Internet connection required!
    * Full-text search capabilities in English, Greek and Latin: search for "ablative absolute" to find all sections discussing the ablative absolute, or find every word beginning with γιγν- or ending in -ibus.
    * Want to see all citations of a particular author? You can search for citations by author or work, and then view the cited passages as they appear on the Perseus website (this last feature requires an Internet connection).
    * Do you find yourself returning to the same few sections again and again? Grammaticus lets you bookmark specific sections for quick access, and it keeps a history of the sections you've visited.

    The texts in Grammaticus are in the public domain, but they would not be available in their current form without the extraordinary efforts of the Perseus Digital Library and its editor-in-chief Gregory Crane. If you like this app, please consider donating to Perseus:

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