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    This is an ad based, free version of Municipalia, ref. pay version.

    Kommunalia (aka Municipalia) provides easy access to a wealth of information about Norwegian municipalities and counties to benefit you as a resident of a municipality, as a traveler or tourist in Norway - or as a seeker of information in connection with elections.

    You can bring up an info page for any of Norway's 428 municipalities and 19 counties, via Home, Search names, Search map, or Tracking (use of own location):

    * Home presents the info page for the home municipality/ county, as set by you.

    * Search names presents a list of all the municipalities/ counties, with coat of arms and municipality/ county names. The list can be sorted by name, number or county. When you select a municipality/ county from the list the info page for it is brought up.

    * Search map presents an overview map of Norway, where you can easily zoom and pan to a particular region or to a particular county. Municipalities/ counties can be selected in the map and the info page for these brought up.

    * Tracking presents the municipality you are in at the moment, first by marking it in the overview map, later by bringing up the info page - if you choose to bring up this. The function works continuously, and you will be notified by a sound whenever you enter a new municipality.

    On the setup page for the Tracking function you can:

    - Select location accuracy, and hence power consumption, during tracking
    - Choose the notification sound when entering a new municipality, or turn it off
    - Enable tracking of localized feed articles in one or more of the categories of Attractions, Events, Neighborhood, Services and Hearings
    - Choose the notification sound when getting close to feed articles' location
    - Choose the distance you have to be within for localized feed articles to be notified

    Overview map and basic information is embedded in the application, which mainly operates offline.

    The info page for a municipality/ county presents:

    - Coat of arms
    - Municipality/ county number
    - Municipality/ county name
    - County (municipality only)
    - Number of municipalities (county only)
    - Administration centre
    - Mayor
    - Party
    - County governor (county only)
    - Acreage
    - Population
    - Language

    The info page for a county can be brought up from the info page for a municipality via a separate button.

    From the info pages a separate contact page can be brought up, presenting:

    - Phone number(s)
    - Email address(es)
    - Postal address
    - Visiting address

    From this you can call the municipality/ county directly, or compose and send an email.

    Via buttons on the info pages you can also bring up:

    - The home page of the municipality/ county
    - A mobile compatible Wikipedia page with additional information about the municipality/ county
    - The municipality's/ county's official Facebook page
    - Articles from available feeds (news and other)
    - The overview map with the municipality/ county location shown
    - A detail map where municipality/ county border, administration centre and your own location is plotted, along with any localized feed articles

    The Wikipedia pages display information in English, and 20+ other languages may be selected from within the pages. The home pages are initially displayed in Norwegian, but English (and other) language information can in most cases be found, usually marked by flags. Feed articles and Facebook pages are mostly in Norwegian, with some exceptions.

    In the next (or a later) version of Municipalia the feeds (and possibly other data) may be read only for municipalities/ counties with a subscription agreement for this.

    Also visit Municipalia on Facebook (in Norwegian):