Phobia Compendium

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    Are you scared yet? You should be! There are more things to be afraid of in this world than you would believe. Okay, so you are not scared yet. Let's help things along. Here you will find a large list of things to be scared of. Nobody can walk away from this list without finding at least one phobia they have.

    Top Features Include:

    - Over 500 phobias described and named.
    - Lovely animated graphics
    - Swipe to navigate
    - Browse a full list
    - Search!
    - Fully retina compatible for iPhone and the new iPad
    - Server push architecture ensures you continue to see new interesting phobias as they are reported.
    - Application updates silently in the background to ensure you can use it immediately.
    - Works either offline or online.
    - Use swipe gestures or the UI, your choice.
    - Auto updating web tab
    - A fully universal application that can be used on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. No need to purchase a separate HD/XL application for your iPad.
    - On the iPad the application will work in all orientations. You can hold it any way you like and it will keep up.
    - Developed by an experienced programmer. No crashing, memory leak problems, or other annoying experiences.
    - A dedicated developer who will add more features and keep improving the application. I love to get suggestions of features.
    - A low price. Why pay more money for lesser apps?

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