Plenty Paintings

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    The Plenty Paintings app gives you access to tens of thousands of artworks from around the world and across thousands of years of human history — right on your iPad. Whether you’re interested in art history, taking art in high school, or even majoring in graphic design in college, you now have a valuable tool to help you discover art in any way imaginable.




Thousands of beautiful artworks in hundreds of various albums in one convenient library
• Discover paintings in a convenient way of shelves filled with albums
• Navigate between thematically arranged bookshelves using lists of related bookshelves or via global Library search

    • Explore paintings as high quality photographs using well known multi-touch gestures

    • Bookmark anything from individual artworks to whole albums to entire bookshelves and form a collection of personal favorites
• Return to visited before artworks while being offline
• Share artworks in multiple ways, read and save information about them to the clipboard or just start a slideshow

    • Get carefully selected recommendations — to start with

    One of the world’s largest catalogs of paintings from Wikimedia Commons
• Choose from more than 50,000 paintings and prints created using dozens of media types from ceramic to windows
• Browse collections from cultural institutions in more than 70 countries — including Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Modern, National Gallery and Musée d'Orsay


    • iPad with iOS 8.0 or later