Security Guard 101

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    Security Guard 101 - Ontario Edition.

    Security Guard 101 is the must-have, indispensable app for anyone interested in becoming a security professional. Written by security experts with easy-to-read sections ranging from introduction to security to code of conduct, heath and safety, the legal system, use of force, emergency first aid and much more. Security Guard 101 also includes 10-question randomized quizzes after each section - which can also be accessed directly - and features a 60-question mock final test to help users better prepare for certification. Security Guard 101 is available for both iPhone and iPad.

    Updated for iOS 7 and iPhone 5
    Easier to read on iPhone

    Also available as an iBook

    If you have come across this app while searching for courseware of e-learning (elearning) apps, please contact us. The app was designed so that we could support other courses and testing.

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