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    Plan your skill tree progression anytime you want with Skill Build Calculator for SWTOR Free - A full featured skill tree build calculator for The Old Republic MMO.

    ====== A FREE version of our existing SWTOR Skill Build Calculator app!

    **** Fully Updated for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion!

    "Works to fill the void when I can't
    play. Highly recommend to any SWTOR player with an iPhone" - Cbass78

    * The original SWTOR Talent Calculator for the iPhone.

    * We are committed to making this the most accurate skill/talent calculator available.

    * Plan out your characters for The Old Republic while on the go.

    * Behaves just like in game, allowing you to preview later skills but not put points in until pre-requisites are satisfied.

    *** Language support for German and French: In most places in the app, the text should now be in German or French if that is the preferred language on device!

    * Save an unlimited number of character builds for later retrieval so you will always have your perfect build available.

    * View full skill lists and details for the class you are working on, not just skills gained through talents!

    * AutoSave system so that your progress is periodically saved even if you don't manually save it... just in case you get interrupted.

    * Data updates are pushed directly from our server so we can keep on top of updates as they happen.

    * Have a favorite build you want to show off to a friend? Now you can e-mail it to them!

    Please go to to report any bugs or issues.

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