The Four Foundations

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    The Four Foundations

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    For years, the Arabian Peninsula was hemmed in by the darkness of al-jahl (the ignorance) and ash-shirk (worshipping to other deities besides worshipping to Allah). They did believed that praying to God can not be done directly, but there must be some intercessors to get them closer to God.

    That kind of wrong logic became their basis to pray to other deities besides did prayed to Allah. Eventhough they recognize that Allah is the only Creator of the universe and all mankind, they still did not want to left their deities and did worship only to Allah The One.

    This belief was explained by Shekh Muhammad Ibn Sulaiman in his book named "Al-Qawaid Al- Arba'ah". The book was made in question-and-answer method, so that the readers will find the Mushrekeen people belief in four main points. After that, Shekh Ibn 'Abdul Wahhab brought rebuttals for those thoughts.

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