Unicode Character Viewer

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    This app lets you explore the world of Unicode glyphs. The languages of the world contain some beautiful letter forms, and Unicode Character Viewer gives you an easy way to search for characters, mark your favourites, and share them with others.

    Browse all the fonts in your iOS device, and every glyph supported by each of those fonts.

    * Search by glyph title.
    * View variations of a glyph in different fonts.
    * Mark glyphs as favorites for easy reference.
    * View all the variations of a glyph in all fonts that support it.
    * Add glyphs to a draft text editor for composing a string using any Unicode characters.
    * Identify glyphs in strings you find.
    * Explore the 283+ downloadable iOS 7 fonts.

    This app is perfect for finding interesting characters to use in text messages, social media, or within apps. ​​

    (The icon is Unicode code point 0x273E, entitled SIX PETALLED BLACK AND WHITE FLORETTE).

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