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    This app's for partying, meeting people at parties, and finding people to party with - in bars, on campus, across your city, or when you travel. Find new friends to have fun with wherever you are because who knows where life will take you once the ice gets broken? New, fun, and for everyone 18 years and older.

    Breakingice was inspired by a popular retro-bar that existed close to the same time mobile phones were just arriving on the scene. This is when the first mobiles cost close to 4,000$US, were housed in a briefcase, and were the size of a giant walkie-talkie. What made this particular bar so popular was the way it was set up. All the tables had visible numbers on them, and all the tables had telephones on them. If you and your friends were sitting at table 16 and happened to spy some attractive ladies or handsome lads (whatever you're into) sitting at table 9, you just called up table 9 and broke the ice, "Hey, you care to join me/us for a drink?". Super easy to meet people, make new friends, go on dates, or who knows where the night will take you once the ice gets broken? Let's face it, the greatest cap on any fantastic evening out with friends is when you make that connection, when you meet that pretty girl, when you get that handsome guy's phone number, when you set a date to get to know someone better, or you meet someone that you have such an awesome connection with that you end up making out like you're in high school. This is what Breakingice does for you and more. Check it out!

    -You do not need an account. No password necessary. No tedious, extensive personal profile to fill out. Simply launch from the App Store, enter some basic details, and BOOM! You're good to go.

    -You do not need to subscribe to send and receive Connect Requests or chat with friends. This app's 100% free!

    -You can narrow your Search Radius from 1000 to 500 feet to match the general size of various venues to connect with people in bars, pubs, parties, or clubs.

    -Option of increased maximum radius search to connect with people "x country" to set up meetings/dates/hookups before traveling to a desired location, or focus on “the here and the now” by finding people close by.

    -Turn on "Invisible Mode" to hide your relative distance and location. Super easy!

    -Silent Mode turns off chime alerts for incoming messages, but keeps the sounds active on the rest of your device.

    -Blacklist any user to block them from sending you further Connect Requests or messages. If you ever have second thoughts you can easily unblock them.

    -If you’re on the road, or traveling to another country where Breakingice is available then press Search when you arrive to see who you can find for an out-of-town spontaneous good time!

    *Please Note: You're privacy is top priority to us, so if you are not comfortable with GPS functionality, simply turn the "Invisible Mode" ON in your Profile Page. When "Invisible Mode" is ON users can still view your profile, send you Connect Requests and Chat Messages, but your relative distance becomes cloaked.


    - No nude pics in profile please. You will be blocked.
    - No profanity in profile please. You will be blocked.
    - Upgrade in the "More" page.
    - Enable notifications.
    - You'll have much better chances at connecting with people if you upload a profile pic from your photo library.
    - We recommend you follow us on our "Breakingice App" Facebook page ( or on Twitter @breakingiceapp for posts to make your experience more enjoyable and for some good times!

    There, that's the only notification you will here from us. Go hard or go home! Have a blast! Cheers!