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    Note: Facebook topics are currently unavailable due to Facebook's change in their data feeds.

    Get the #1 conversation app in the world to discover new & exciting things about your friends and start having great conversations.
    ** "bridgedog knows more about my friends than I do!" - Ashley L **

    bridgedog is The Conversation App® that puts real-life conversation topics in the palm of your hand. It is the only app that provides you specific topics, personal questions to ask, and much more so you can better connect with your family, friends, acquaintances, and even complete strangers.

    Get Topic Suggestions from:
    - Facebook
    - LinkedIn
    - Instagram
    - Twitter (NEW!)

    People use bridgedog to:
    > Reunite with old friends
    > Have great phone conversations
    > Make new friends
    > Network In a business setting
    > Get to know someone on a first date
    > And in any conversation setting...

    Powered by your social networks, bridgedog uses patented conversation search technology to quickly find the relevant topics specific to the person with whom you're talking. This makes each conversation more engaging & exciting!

    For example, if you search for topics for an old friend, it may show you topics like:
    - Their favorite restaurant
    - Where they last went on vacation
    - A TV show you both like
    - News about the place they grew up
    - Events you've both attended
    - Places you've both visited
    - And much more!

    It knows things!

    * As of 2/28/14, the highest ranked conversation topics app per app store rankings.

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