Bubba's Golf Scorecard

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    Weather you are playing a TPC golf course, the local Putt Putt around the corner, or frisbee golf, you will need to keep score of your round. If you are tired of losing scorecard's or forgetting how many strokes you beat your buddy by last week? Well we have an app for that!

    With Bubba's Golf Scorecard you can quickly set up a round of golf for you and your friends and keep track of every stroke with ease.

    After shooting a 72 would you like to email the results to all of your friends to brag? Well with Bubba's Golf Scorecard you can do that!

    Or if you shoot at the other end of the spectrum and would like to forget that 129 you had yesterday well with Bubba's Golf Scorecard you can delete any rounds that you are not happy with and pretend that they just never happened!

    Complete list of features:

    Quickly and easily set up a round.
    Create a name for your round.
    Choose how many holes you want to play and how many players are playing.
    Create your own personal player names.
    Automatically totals both In and Out scores as well as the total score.
    Email scorecard results after round is complete.
    View your past rounds played.
    Email past round scorecards.
    Ability to delete any round from memory that you do not want to keep around.

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