Practice Cricket




    Practice Cricket is truly a cricket game for all hardcore cricket fans as well as newbies! It is a simple game that makes the user practise his shots in the nets. With the ball coming in at different speeds and from different heights, the user gets a feel of playing the ball like a batsman does while playing the world’s best bowlers. All the user has to do is hit the ball, and make his score with two, four or six runs.

    The user strikes the ball with a tap, and depending upon where the ball hits, the score is made. Tapping on the higher area enables the user to attack the ball, doubling the chances of a four or a six. Tapping on the lower end, closer towards the wicket, enables the user to defend. The user gets ‘out’ if the ball hits the stumps or hits the ‘Out’ bar at the top.

    Bright, pleasant imagery and a simple gameplay make this game highly addictive. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

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