Precision Boxing Coach Pro

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    It’s finally here for iOS, an app that simulates a boxing coach and calls out realistic, fast paced combinations. I keep things as legit as possible, so in this app I’ve included almost everything a fighter needs to integrate into his game i.e. all punches, slips, ducks, defense, and body shots. I have a lot more coming with this app where I’ll add a southpaw mode, a counter punching mode, and footwork workouts to the Pro version.

    The boxing coach simulator calls out boxing techniques for you to execute, there are 4 modes and 3 intensity levels. This includes a Counter Punching Mode where all punch sequences start with a defensive technique. It includes a Southpaw Mode which ties in better with southpaw combos and counters.

    The mode determines the minimum and maximum number of techniques in the combination. Amateur is 2-4 techniques, Pro level is 2-6, Titleist level is 3-7, and P4P is 4-8 techniques. The intensity will speed up or slow down the pace that combos are called out, with ‘Classic’ being a standard pace and ‘Pressure’ and ‘Hurricane’ being faster.

    You can also utilize the A.I. Coach which allows you to create your own combos and then calls back combos similar to the ones you entered.

    Choose as many rounds as you like, adjust the round length, the rest between rounds, and set a warning bell to tell you how many seconds are left in the round. Press ‘Start’ and get to work!

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