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Tactical Futsal

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    Tactical Futsal

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    Tactical Futsal is the ultimate experience to improve your tactical knowledge and the best way to apply this knowledge to the sport you love.
    With our software, specially developed and designed for Futsal coaches is now possible to create, save and load dynamic plays, set balls and prepare training exercises.

    You are free to move your players around on the screen and draw all the plays using your fingertip.
    This app also allows to create, save and load unlimited plays, animated or not animated, the choice is yours.

    -User friendly
    -Lightweight (doesn't slow your tablet or desktop)
    -Coloured lines
    -Full court or half court
    -Export and share your plays by email
    -Just press play and show your animated tactical sequences
    -High quality graphics
    -Improves the communication between player and team's staff
    -Substitution manager
    -Create, save and load your own plays

    Taking advantage of the best tools that technology has to offer, we created an application that allows the coaching staff to save all the information about the team, the players, and the way that the team plays, yet also allows us to save all the information about our opponents and the way they play. This software can improve the way that the information is transmitted during the game, and also how this information is managed after the game.

    This software is available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German).

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