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    The Wigan Evening Post’s free football app keeps you up to date on all the latest football news, views and results from your favourite teams.

    Our app is the comprehensive way to stay up to date with all the region’s latest football news. Get in-depth coverage of all the clubs as well as live match-day scores, text commentary, stats and much more.

    By downloading you can:

    · Access all the latest football headlines and pictures in one place including match analysis and videos.

    · Share breaking news, goals, bookings and more with your mates as all stories can be shared using Facebook, Twitter and email.

    · Catch all the details with live minute-by-minute game commentary and stats of every match in play across all divisions, leagues and competitions.

    · Connect with us on Twitter with live updates from the Wigan Evening Post, reporters, players, clubs and other supporters.

    · Get all the latest stats including league tables, fixtures, results, bookings, team line-ups and squad information.

    And all these features are free - no subscription required!

    We cover every team in the leagues below to bring you all the info you need:

    * Premier League

    * The Sky Bet Championship

    * Sky Bet League One

    * Sky Bet League Two

    * Vanarama Conference

    * Scottish Premiership

    * Scottish Championship

    * Scottish League One

    * Scottish League Two

    The Wigan Evening Post’s football app is a brilliant free resource for all fans. Download now and catch every moment.

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