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    "Europe Travel Guide part I - Preparation of Travel" is a book introducing how to prepare the travel to Europe by your own and how to travel in an economic way.

    Travel preparation is very important. As most travel expanses are paid or reserved before leaving, a good preparation can save money, time and avoid mistakes.

    This book is written completely based on the author's real travel experience. It summarizes the preparation sequence, the cost saving methods and all that related to the travel, including:
    * Travel agenda
    * Air ticket
    * Railway ticket
    * Hotel
    * Visa
    * ……

    If you are planing to go Europe, this book is for you. Because:
    * Its online edition has got more than 1 million page views
    * It's a complete guide for Europe travel
    * It helps to save travel cost of RMB5000 per person
    * It's an overall introduction of travel transportation, lodging, sightseeing, eating and shopping
    * And it's useful for all DIY tours

    [This book is written in Chinese]