French Pretati - Speak with Audio Translation

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    The French Pretati app is great for foreign travelers and those wanting to learn how to speak the French language. The app has over 500 commonly used phrases grouped in 10 different categories including Basics, Getting Around, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Shopping & Money, Meeting People and other Useful Words.

    Designed for everyone wanting to get around in France or French speaking countries, learn or communicate in French, the app’s easy search features, ability to favorite common phrases, and easy-to-read phonetic translation with audio makes the app a great tool to have.

    We have given special attention to the design and usability of the app for an enjoyable experience.

    1. 10 Categories including Food, Getting Around, Meeting People, Problems, Numbers, Shopping and Health

    2. Over 500 phrases in French with audio

    3. Clear audio for each phrase recorded by native speakers

    4. Works completely offline so you don't need to pay for roaming charges when traveling

    5. Genuine French voice recorded by native French speakers for accurate understanding of each spoken phrase

    6. Search all the phrases to quickly find the phrase you are looking for

    7. Favorites feature for easy access to commonly used phrases

    8. Designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    9. No Internet connection needed: use the app freely when traveling without having to worry about data charges

    10. Copy, Paste and Share the translated phrases


    We would love to hear from you to improve the app and answer any questions you might have. Please CONTACT US on our website at