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    Gay West Hollywood (GayWeHo) is the World's Most Incredible & Magical Gay City. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, directly between Beverly Hills and Hollywood, you'll discover much of our fun is along Santa Monica Blvd, all in walking distance.

    This app helps you discover what's happening in this incredible city 365 nights a year; there's ALWAYS something going on. Information in the app changes throughout the day so each time you come back to the app you will see the most recent updates.

    The app is a BILLBOARD that runs continuously, auto-advancing event information so:
    - just leave it on and you'll never miss out on what's happening here:
    In iOS "Settings", "Display & Brightness", Change "Auto-Lock" to "Never", turn your iPad to landscape, and plug your iPad into a power source. The events will advance automatically so you'll never miss out.

    - swipe up, down, left, right to see the next & previous events

    - tap on the screen or "More Info" for more information on any event.

    - tap on "Add Topics" to add additional events & local news.

    - tap "Share" to share events on iMessage, email, facebook, instagram, twitter, and other apps you have installed.

    - tap "Search" to search for previously displayed events

    When using the app tap "Text" to add phone numbers from yourself or friends in your address book for quick texting. When you see an event of interest, you can text it with 2 only 2 taps! (This is faster & easier than the "share" option, especially when using an iPad as a Billboard)

    GayWeHo has a gay majority government, 25 Gay Bars, FUN Gay Clubs, Gay Shops, 69 Gay Friendly Restaurants, and 20 Gay Coffee Shops, all in walking distance.

    You'll LOVE the FUN. Don't Wait, Just Come to Gay West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

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