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    Published: 2015-03-18, by .

    Beautiful, bountiful search with Bing

    • Beautiful UI
    • Generous rewards program
    • iPhone 6-optimized
    • Rewards US-only
    • Google searches better

    "The Big Challenger To Google's Crown"


    Pretty much everyone uses Google. But in the background, Bing has been getting better and better, now delivery stunning visuals and a rewards program for US users. It may not be as far-reaching as Google, but it is certainly prettier and nicer to use.


    The image-focused UI is simply dazzling, and the whole interface is a pleasure to handle. The rewards program is easy to activate, and is pretty generous too. Results are displayed nicely, and the whole app is optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This is the future of searching.


    Rewards are only available in the US, and require a Microsoft or Facebook account. The results are not as extensive as Google's.

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    by Oliver

    Mar 18, 2015


    Get the things you love
    · Every day there's a stunning new image, so say bye to boring search homepages.
    · With Microsoft Rewards, earn points for searching and redeem them for free gift cards from Xbox, Target, Walmart, and many more.
    · Interesting, useful answers and info, not just blue links, in a fast app that's easy to use.
    Get the things you want
    · Snap a pic to search, shop, find similar images, and learn about the things you see. It works with math equations, fashion, landmarks, and much more.
    · Stay up on trending news, videos, and posts, and control which sources appear without leaving the homepage.
    · Keep it fun with music videos, lyrics, viral videos, animated GIFs, and more from across the web.
    · Save time when you're making plans. Check a restaurant menu, reserve a table, and book a rideshare with one search.
    · Save money by comparing reviews and prices from major retailers with the built-in barcode scanner.
    · Discover what's nearby, including deals, places to eat and drink, and things to do, right from the homepage.
    · Get reviews and info from the sites you trust, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, and Reddit.
    · Control your search and browsing history with private mode.
    · Save homepage images to use as a wallpaper.
    · Use tabs to see recent search results.

     *Some features are not available in all countries.

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