For our customers, our Callthru service eliminates costs associated with their cell phone bill for all their outgoing calls including while traveling and greatly reduce those for their long distance calls.

    One advantage of our Callthru is to use your cell phone directory. You just need to program our service number as a prefix before dialing your contacts.

    This service must be combined with a "friends or favorite number" cover "National" preferably your cell phone plan package. Simply add our number Callthru service among your friends list.

    Having a mobile number (Iphone) subscriber at a supplier

    Subscribe to our service Callthru and assured you to have our service number recorded among friends of your cell phone plan:

    We designed this iphone application to facilitate the use of the service, by preventing users to select their service number before each call.
    Operation of the app:

    1 - On the first screen, enable the type of service you want to use

    2 - Click on the Setup button at the top of this screen

    3 - Make the service configuration by choosing one of two options

           a) Option Callthru Omnivigil
            - Enter the following informations :
                  - Username (Provided by Omnivigil)
                  - Password (Provided by Omnivigil)
                  - Your mobile number (Iphone)
                  - Service Number (Access Number : 10 digits number you were given when you register for Omnivigil Callthru service)
           - Enable transparency 3G field

           b) Option Prefix dialer
                  - Setup access number to 10 digits

                   NB: Here the calls will be answered and this message "Please enter the 10-digit number you wish to call"

    4 - Then you can dial your calls by Contacts and keyboard tabs and talk !!!

    Users who are not our customers but having service number (prefix number) from other suppiers can also use this application Prefix Dialer Option.