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    Description "Click It! List It!" APP!

    This APP was tested by an 11 year old boy who gave it the thumbs up because it was so easy to use... He now uses this APP to sell his baseball cards online!

    Sell Your Items Online Using Your Iphone or Ipad!

    Listing and selling your items online has never been easier thanks to the Big Value Depot "Click It And List It" Iphone and Ipad APP! This APP is FREE and will give you access to a FREE listing and selling account with!

    What Is Big Value Depot? is the latest and greatest place to list your items for sale online! Use in conjunction or as an alternative to websites such as Craigslist and Ebay. has thousands of shoppers looking for the items you are selling and is a great place to DIVERSIFY your online selling!

    Add This APP To Your Iphone or Ipad And Start Selling Today!

    When you add this APP to your Iphone or Ipad you will be given a FREE listing account with You will see the SIMPLICITY of listing an item for sale and SNAPPING up to 4 pictures using your Iphone or Ipad to display that item for your potential customers! even gives you the option of owning an online webstore where you can list up to 1000 items that can all be listed using this APP!

    This APP is PERFECT for:

    - Estate Sale Brokers
    - Independent Car Dealers
    - Realtors
    - Garage Sales
    - Antique Shops
    - Retailers
    - MLM Marketers Selling Products
    - ANYONE who wants to sell something online!
    - Liquidators
    - Non Profit Organizations

    Catch The Wave by using the "Click It And List It APP!"

    The FREE Big Value Depot APP for iPhone and iPad allows you to join and post into one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. Easily post photos, descriptions and sell on and all from one EASY to use APP!

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