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    Dignity is the premier iPhone drinking companion app. At your request, Dignity will temporarily remove selected contact's phone numbers from your iPhone's address book. And NEW in preparation for iOS 5, Dignity now also removes e-mail addresses to reduce the risk of drunken e-mails and iMessages!

    Have you ever sent a text message you later regretted on a night out?
    How about making a drunken phone call with cringe-worthy consequences?
    Or has a friend ever “borrowed” your phone and sent an embarrassing text on your behalf?

    Stop! Save your Dignity now!

    Don't worry if you need to access your hidden contacts - Dignity has an option to recover your contacts in an emergency! Although if you don't trust yourself, you can leave this option switched off for maximum protection. Either way, you'll get a reminder when your contacts are ready to restore.

    Don't risk your Dignity again without this app!

    Please note that dignity can ONLY remove the phone numbers and e-mail addresses temporarily from your address book. If someone calls or messages you or if you still have old text messages from them on your iPhone, Dignity can't help.

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