ERG Mouse

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    ERG mouse, highly customizable, mouse and key pad is a special application.

    Rather than placing all the keys on the screen, you can create a virtual keypad layout freedom to only the necessary keys and the touch pad, which is optimized for the intended use.

    For example, if the presentation using a projector, if you have a layout of the only commonly-used key, during a presentation can be presented in the application only without touching the PC or Mac.

    In addition, if you have a layout that registered the shortcut key for each application
    It is also possible shortcut in the execution of a button (*).

    Applications for Windows, Mac, please download it from the following URL.
    (For Macintosh, Please download the site's zip file.)

    - Can be placed freely touch pad or mouse buttons, and keys. Be changed freely to their size.

    - Can be set to a shortcut key Ctrl + V or Ctrl + C, such as Alt + Enter.

    - Possible to design a graphical file by specifying the background.

    *In the current version is not supported in two-stroke shortcut.