Float Calendar




    Float Calendar is Calendar utility .

    Main screen
    1) Display the Calendar of Current month .
    2) You can change month with FLIP action .
    3) You can easy back to current month with SHAKE action .
    4) Today display as OWN color ( default Yellow ) .
    5)To change detail display of the DAY and normal display with TAP the Day Panel.
    6) To display more large area , you must TAP DAY PANEL first,
    then PINCH OFF action to see more smaller .
    Remenber if you can not move next month ,you should try TAP
    DAY PANEL , and again TAP DAYPANEL to back dafault Month display .
    7) This version is not supported to ADD schedule.
    You can add schedule using default calendar APP .
    We wiil find out more smart way to add schedules .
    Preference screen
    1) You can change the color of current DAY panel's background ,
    Year and month font color .( not saved )
    To chenge color ,you must TAP TARGET first .
    You can TAP MONTH font and DAY panel .
    To change color , move RED , GREEn , BLUE slider .
    2) you can change the background image from picture of your iPhone .
    And can change it's transparency .
    Slide to left side ,Image will more LIGHT ( white) .
    3) You can set special moving mode at to change month ,
    when the Bound Effect is ON .
    This function check angle of iPhone , keep horizontal is
    more slowly action .
    4) More Button show Info and version .