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    Fluid Mechanics Calculator contains 97 Calculators, to calculate different Fluid Mechanics, & Civil Engineering parameters. - Available in both USCS (Imperial Units) and SI (Metric Units)
    A Complete Engineering Dictionary.

    Calculator List:

    Absolute Pressure
    Brake Horsepower
    Bernoulli Theorem for Head Loss
    Bulk Modulus
    Buoyant Force
    Chezy Coefficient
    Chezy Velocity
    External Hydrostatic Pressure
    Flow Rate
    Fluid Density with Pressure
    Fluid Pressure
    Hydraulic Radius
    Kinematic Viscosity
    Liquid Phase Diffusion Coefficient
    Pump Efficiency
    Manning Flow Velocity
    Mean Depth
    Minor Losses
    Net Positive Suction Head and Cavitation
    Specific Gas Constant
    Specific Gravity with Water Weight
    Specific Gravity with Water Weight Loss
    Specific Volume
    Thrust Block
    Water Horsepower

    Acoustic Flow Meter
    Bazin's Weir Flow
    Broad Crested Weir
    Curb Capture Flow Rate
    Curb Gutter Flow Rate
    French Drain Seepage Rate
    Gutter Capture Efficiency
    Gutter Carryover
    Gutter Interception Capacity
    Rectangular Weir
    Rectangular Weir Discharge - Francis Equation
    Orifice Flow Rate
    Parshall Flume Flow Rate
    Permeameter Porous Medium Flow Rate
    Unconfined Aquifer Well Flow Rate
    V notch Weir
    Venturi Meter for Flow Rate

    Hazen Williams - Fluid Flow Rate
    Hazen Williams - Mean Fluid Velocity

    Aluminum Pipe - Pressure Rating
    Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust - Cross Sectional Area
    Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust - Pipe Wall
    Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe Thrust - Pressure
    Ductile Iron Pipe - Pressure
    Ductile Iron Pipe - Wall Thickness
    Pipe Vacuum Pressure Load
    Pipe Water Buoyancy Factor
    Plastic Pipe - AWWA C900 Pressure Class
    Plastic Pipe - Inside Diameter Controlled
    Plastic Pipe - Outside Diameter Controlled
    Plastic Pipe - Outside Diameter Controlled Short Term Strength
    Plastic Pipe - Short Term Pressure Rating
    Slotted Pipe Gutter Interception
    Smooth Wall Steel Pipe - Pressure Rating
    Soil Load Per Linear Length of Pipe
    Restrained Anchored Pipe Stress
    Pipe Soil Weight Pressure
    Unrestrained Pipe Length Change

    Poiseuille's Law
    Stokes Law

    Cauchy Number
    Cavitation Number
    Eckert Number
    Euler Number
    Fourier Number
    Froude Number
    Knudsen Number
    Lewis Number
    Mach Number
    Prandtl Number
    Reynolds Number
    Schmidt Number
    Sherwood Number
    Nusselt Number
    Peclet Number
    Strouhal Number
    Threshold Odor Number
    Weber Number

    Darcy Weisbach - Head Loss
    Darcy's Law - Flow Rate
    Darcy's Law - Flux
    Darcy's Law - Hydraulic Gradient
    Darcy's Law - Porosity
    Darcy's Law - Saturated Soil
    Darcy's Law - Seepage Velocity
    Darcy's Law - Seepage Velocity and Porosity
    Darcy's Law - Void Ratio

    Water Hammer - Maximum Surge Pressure for a Fluid
    Water Hammer - Maximum Surge Pressure for Water
    Water Hammer - Maximum Surge Pressure Head
    Water Hammer - Pressure Increase

    Automatic & Accurate Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes.

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