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    Published: 2013-07-10, by .

    Takes the place of a physical leveler in measuring any surface

    • Works perfectly
    • Can be calibrated to great accuracy
    • Can be used in any direction
    • Nothing

    "Simple, functional, free spirit level tool"

    iHandy Level Free has just one function, and it does it elegantly and perfectly. If you need to know if a surface is level, you'll need a spirit level - one of those funky little measuring devices with a bubble floating in a tube - or simply download this app.

    The built-in accelerometer in your iPhone is used to display a spirit level bubble on the screen. You can calibrate the level yourself, setting your iPhone on a surface you know to be level and pressing the calibration button. This means you can easily use the app to check both vertical and horizontal surfaces without a hitch. There's also a Hold button, which means you can set the level to 0 and make a straight line without trying to juggle whatever else you have in your hands.

    The minimal settings available give the option of removing the buttons entirely for a cleaner look and of determining the bubble's sensitivity, depending on how much accuracy is called for by your project.

    There are a few ads in this free version, but in no way do they impede the leveling function. No bells and whistles here, but they're not needed. iHandy Level Free by iHandy Inc. is a perfect choice if you find yourself needing to check how level your surfaces are.

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    Jul 10, 2013


    iHandy Level (one of the 5 tools of iHandy Carpenter toolkit) is now for free! Take this chance to download!

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    "Father's Day App for Your #1 Dad" - CNN

    This is definitely the most beautiful and accurate level you can get in hand.

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    You can use iHandy Level for:
    - Home decoration
    - Picture Alignment
    - Angle measurement
    - Measure angles of slope, escalator
    - Measure the verticality of a wall, or furniture
    - Measure the inclination of an aircraft, ship, car or mountain
    - Roof pitch calculation
    - And much more...


    Because the sensor inside every individual iPhone/iPod touch could be built slightly differently, to make the level more accurate for your device, you need to calibrate before use.

    To calibrate:
    1. Find a flat surface.
    2. Hold your device upright (in portrait mode and home button at the bottom), put the bottom edge of the device on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button (the one with a target image on it) to calibrate the portrait mode.
    3. Turn your device 90 degree clockwise (now it should be in landscape mode and home button on the left hand side), again keep it upright, and put the current bottom edge (long edge) on the flat surface, then press Calibrate button to calibrate the landscape mode.
    4. Put the back of the device against the surface, then press Calibration button to calibrate the face-up mode
    5. You are ready to go!

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