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    The "It's Me!” Vault is a revolutionary new secure information wallet for your iOS device. “It's Me!” uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data. If your device is lost or stolen, your information will remain protected against every possible hack!
    The "It's Me!” Vault is also vastly superior to other encryption products because of our special user authentication technology. This system guarantees safety against thieves, unsecured Wi-Fi spots, or any form of malware that could reveal your password to hackers.
    Our patented PassRules User Authentication system utilizes a pattern recognition process that is very easy to use and impossible to compromise. To start, users choose a pattern using the standard 6x6 grid -- along with a few extra rules. Because the numbers on the grid change at each login, the pattern and rules will always generate a different OTP (One-Time Passcode). And because you never reveal your secret PassRule when logging in, key-loggers, and shoulder-surfers (even if they saw everything) they can never learn your secret.
    In an unsafe world, only “It's Me!” can offer Fast, Friendly and Secure Authentication. To see how our amazing technology works, check us out at:

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