IV Checker And Data for Pokemon ORAS




    This is Individual Value Checker for Pokemon ORAS!
    Also you can see the data of Pokemon.

    Individual Value Checker function, You can enter the number of Pokémon, choose to search for Pokemon.
    Pokémon is selected, and then to calculate and display capability value automatically.
    You can view the individual value as soon as you enter the capacity value.
    In addition, when the Pokemon selection, you have to be available immediately Pokemon you searched recently.

    Data function, Find the name of the Pokemon from the picture book screen, you can see information such as the type and base stats value of Pokemon When you select.
    When you tap the Ability, you can see a detailed description of its Ability.

    There is also a type compatibility table that corresponds to the XY. Please refer to when in doubt to type compatibility.

    You can check the type compatibility when you attack and defense.

    This is an unofficial app.
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