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    JLG Industries continues to offer the most comprehensive collection of services to help you get the maximum return on your investment by now offering one of our key machine diagnostic functions on your mobile device.

    The JLG Mobile Analyzer is a Wi-Fi enabled evolution of the JLG Analyzer Kit (part number 2901443), developed for essential programming and troubleshooting of JLG equipment. The JLG Mobile Analyzer App functions on your iPhone or iPad and is easily downloaded from the iTunes store for your specific mobile device. Required for functionality is the JLG Mobile Analyzer Wireless Hardware (part number 1001147542), providing Wi-Fi access, which when connected to a wide range of JLG equipment will communicate with your mobile device.

    You now have the ability to connect to the JLG mobile analyzer utilizing your iPad or iPhone.

    -Wi-Fi connection provides an extended operating range, delivering mobility around your JLG equipment and a useful range away from it.

    -Available in multiple languages (Advanced Mode)

    -Easier to understand, full description readouts (Advanced Mode)

    -Perform the same functions as the current JLG Analyzer Kit

    -Regular Application updates for compatibility with your Apple Mobile Device

    The hardware required with the app is available from any authorized JLG dealer. JLG dealers may purchase the required hardware directly from JLG via Online Express or any JLG Customer Support location. If you are a JLG account holder and do not have an Online Express username, please go to to sign up.

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