Mobile Security Camera




    CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera can easily make your smartphone or tablet a cloud-based security camera. Camera FTP offers revolutionary security and monitoring service for consumers and businesses. You can monitor your home, business or loved ones from anywhere on any device.

    Compared with other security or surveillance systems, our service is extremely easy to setup, the cost is dramatically lower. It supports any IP camera, webcam or smartphone, no professional installation is required. It is also more secure as it saves data to secure data center. You can monitor the scene live or play back the recorded footage from anywhere.

    CameraFTP stands for "Camera For Total Protection". It is a service offered by Drive Headquarters, Inc. Based in Silicon Valley, we have been in business since 2003 with over 3 million registered users.

    Home/business security services charge $30 to $100/month. CameraFTP's cloud-based security and monitoring service starts at only $1.50/month, no contract required, no hidden fees. Why not try our service today?

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