moon letter




    Another busy day as usual... and suddenly you stop to look up into the night sky.

    Are you expressing the things you really wish to say?

    The moon letter lets you communicate your innermost feelings with a melody
    that plays over an image of the moon in tonight's lunar phase.

    See things you hadn't noticed before, and perhaps even remember
    memories you thought you had forgotten - the moon letter Sound
    Application brings you the opportunity to do all of this!


    Step 1: Type your message in the message window
    Step 2: Choose your instrument
    Step 3: Select your recipient and tap "Send"

    It's as simple as that! The moon letter will deliver your message, along
    with a beautiful melody and an image of the moon in tonight's lunar
    phase. You can check your message before sending by tapping the
    "Preview" button.

    The moon letter application will launch automatically when the
    recipient taps the link. moon letter will play the melody while
    displaying your message over an image of tonight's moon in the lunar

    Note: Messages sent by moon letter can only be viewed on an iPhone or
    iPod touch with the moon letter application installed. If the
    application is not detected, the message link in the messate will divert to
    the moon letter page of the App Store.

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