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    Published: 2013-02-18, by .

    My Data Manager Free is an app to track and monitor your data usage

    • Data counter 3G/EDGE, WiFi and Roaming
    • Statistics
    • Set data plan limit (notifications)
    • Accuracy could be improved

    "Track your data plan consumption"

    There are coming up lots of data counter that lets you take control of your mobile data. My Data Manager is one of the best we've tried so far. Like others, it tracks mobile connection (3G/EDGE), Wi-Fi connection and roaming. You can also set your data plan limit and receive a notification when you are about to reach it. You can see the data usage by day, week or month.

    In addition, and must be said that I haven't seen this before, it tracks the data usage of those apps that requires Internet connection: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. It shows the amount of MB downloaded and the percentage out of the total of data usage.

    Finally, there's a graph section: it shows a graph bar with the 3G /WiFI usage and roaming. This way you can check what type of data connection you use more in order to make the most of your data plan.

    My Data Manager has been developed by Mobidia Technology. This is one of the most complete data counter on Google Play, it gives you a comprehensive monitoring of your data usage.

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    Trusted by over 14.8 million users worldwide, My Data Manager is the best app to help you take control of your mobile data usage, save money on your monthly phone bill and protect your online privacy. My Data Manager tracks how much data you use per app, secures your internet traffic with VPN technology and encrypts your unprotected data.

    Key features of My Data Manager:
    • Data Tracking: Monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, and roaming
    • App Tracker: Find out which apps are eating up your mobile data
    • Data Shield: Browse securely on public Wi-Fi and protect your personal information with VPN
    • Alarms: Set custom usage alarms to avoid overage charges and “bill shock”
    • Shared Plans: Set up a shared or family plan and track usage across all members of your data plan
    • Across Devices: Manage data across multiple devices
    • History: Track historical consumption to ensure you are on the right mobile data plan

    What are people saying about My Data Manager?

    “Monitoring your data use has become an essential task ... which is why apps like My Data Manager are becoming so important.” – ZDNet

    “My Data Manager is an incredibly convenient tool” – CNET

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