This Is The Only Calendar App You Will EVER Need!!!

    This calendar application has been made in consultation with First Responders from Firefighters, Paramedics and Police. Here are just some of the features included.

    Shift Pattern Setting –

    EZ Shift can be programmed to any shift pattern possible. It can be imported quickly and most importantly, easily

    Alarm Pattern –

    You can program EZShift alarms to correspond with the start and end of your shifts no matter what the pattern may be. This means no more getting woken up early on your days off because you accidentally forgot to set your alarm properly. This feature is so good it has a copyright© on it.

    Overtime Tracking –

    The ability to track all overtime worked and make sure you have been paid for it.

    Holidays / Vacations –

    Keep track of all Holidays and annual vacation slots.

    Training –

    Fully programmable training diary. This feature was added so that you can input different types of training and keep record of upcoming training and training you have completed. This is the quickest and easiest way to keep a track of your training and refer to when needed

    Incidents / Calls –

    Track any and all incidents in the workplace whether it be attending different types of emergencies such or simply tracking any incident in the workplace such as an accident or meeting,this feature can do it all

    Contacts –

    Easily and quickly ad or import existing contacts

    The Best thing about EZShift is you get to give us feedback for improvements and inclusions for updates, so you can be sure this is the only calendar app you will ever need.

    Shift exchange -

    Ability to track and request shift exchange with colleagues and automatically send reminders. You will never lose track of your exchange again

    For setup instructions go to our website or visit our youtube channel

    This application is for a rotating roster, random settings for casuals etc will come in the next version update.

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