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Spirits Gauging Calculator

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    A distillery's best friend. This application allows you to easily determine the amount of water and spirits necessary to blend a desired volume of finished spirits. Built on precise formulas and standardized tables, our calculator accounts for the many variables associated with blending spirituous liquor, including:

    proof interpolation
    precision temperature adjustments
    instrument calibration adjustments (if provided)
    This powerful application combined with carefully calibrated precision hydrometers and thermometers will yield accurate, repeatable determinations of true proof and give you a variety of blending options including:

    100 Gallon finished batch
    750mL test batch
    batch by desired ending gallons
    batch by starting gallons

    All blending solutions are displayed on your mobile device in an easy to interpret table depicting both volumetric measurements (US Gal.) and weight determinations (LBS & KG) for blending in graduated tanks or by weight (recommended).

    This application can also be used to gauge the true volume of barrels at fill and withdrawal for accurate determination of evaporation loss during aging.

    *This application cannot determine the true proof of spirits containing more than 400 milligrams per 100 milliliters of suspended material (sugar, sediment from infusion, etc.). This determination requires an obscuration adjustment determined by specific procedures described in 27 CFR Part 30.32