Sputnik! is an easy to use tool for predicting when the International Space Station will pass by your location or when an Iridium Flare will be visible in the skies above.

    Sputnik! features:

    - Predictions of satellite and ISS sightings accurate to the second.
    - Second by second countdown to the satellite sighting.
    - Automatically keeps track of the correct universal time. No need to worry about whether your device clock is accurately set.
    - Notification of upcoming satellite sightings even when the app is not running.
    - Displays compass direction and elevation for your device to easily find the part of the sky where the sighting will occur (requires capable device).
    - Rotate your device to landscape orientation to show exactly where the satellite will pass in the night sky.
    - Share sightings via Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages and others.
    - Automatic download of up to date satellite orbital data, even when the app is not running.
    - Offline calculations, no need to be connected to the internet once orbital data has been downloaded.
    - Input your location automatically by GPS, select from a map or enter coordinates manually.
    - Save your favorite places for easy access.
    - Audio cues for the last seconds before the satellite passes by.

    Sputnik! on Apple Watch:

    - Easily find the next and last sighting at your current location.
    - Detailed notifications for upcoming sightings.
    - Glance view showing time left until your next sighting.

    * Sputnik! is ad-supported *

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