SuitcaseListAdv - TripDiary




    An essential travel support tool.
    With this version you can manage your trip expenses, and using the 'note' field for each item you can work out a trip diary.
    Even more, if you are travelling in group, the App allows the sharing management. For any purchase you have to indicate the amount paid and who are the participants to the purchase. The App will calculate for you the due amount by any participant for each purchase and for the entire list, so that you can regulate your credits/debts at the end of the trip. For the complete description you can have a look to the BillsSplitter application that has been fully integrated within SuitcaseListADV.


    Preparing your travel and avoiding missing objects abroad is now supported by this application.
    You can associate images to the items and consult world-wide weather forecast.
    With this application you can take note of all the items that you bring with you during your trip, you can even separate the list by the "cases" that you will use.
    Everything is conceived to let you use it as fast as possible.
    Now the application can read the list to free your hands during the baggage preparation.
    You can add items to the "case" with just a single tap, selecting it from a predefined list (initially loaded with more than 100 items).
    If you need a new item, once you have typed it, it is inserted in the predefined list, so next time you have no to re-type it again.
    Reordering, editing and deleting items are possible with the same gestures used in every iPhone application.
    Items can be grouped by user defined categories (more than 6 already pre-defined). Now the user can customize several category orders so that items are in the same sequence as he/she prefers.
    You can reset a "case" in order to re-use it.
    A lot of user tunable parameters, let you configure the application as you prefer.
    SuitcaseListAdv, on request, pre-fill in a mail or SMS form with the list, you have only to point out the addressee(s): why not asking, better saying, reminding your wife to prepare all the necessary for the trip? You can even send the list and the entire data base to another iPhone with the SuitcaseList or SuitcaseListAdv applications. So you can exchange lists with other users.
    You can print your lists.
    A text file observing some simple rules can be imported via mail. For example a file containing the following:
    Small suitcase
    Trousers;2; Nr; Clothing
    T-Shirts;3; Clothing
    Passport; Document
    With respect to the complete application SuitcaseList, this one shows the advertisement banner in some views.